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In this article, I am going to tell you about the Zerodha margin calculator. What is the difference between Zerodha Leverage and Zerodha Margin and how much time Leverage gives you, that is, how much margin you have to use if you are trading in Zerodha, then friends in this article you will get leverage calculator or margin calculator. You are going to get complete information about it, so you have to read the full article so carefully. If you like the article, then share it.

Let’s start, first of all, you have to open the Google Chrome web browser on a mobile, computer or laptop then open Google Chrome and type its Zerodha official website.

How to calculate in Zerodha Margin Calculator

You can also type what you are looking for in Zerodha Margin Calculator, you will open it inside the URL, this way the page will open, you have to click on the equity if you click on the equity, and then see the wide list of stocks that already showing in the official website of Zerodha margin calculator. Above the top gives leverage over the list of stocks, you will see their complete list here.


There is a lot of stock listed on it like ACC, Sbin, Bank of Baroda , Adani Gas, etc. You will find many stocks of this method here, where you see two heads, you are seeing a CNC multiplier and MIS multiplier in the middle.  CNC means Cash And Carry, When you buy shares for more than one day you have to use the option CNC. When the option comes and the MIS option comes, then CNC means that you are buying whatever shares you are paying for it by paying full money. Keep it in the delivery, sell today, sell tomorrow, or  1 year. You can keep it for 10 years. There is no problem that he gave his money to the Zerodha margin.

The leverage that you get in the Zerodha Margin Calculator, which gets 1:00 time from Zerodha, is that one time means that you have to pay all your money if there is a stock of 200, then you have to pay ₹ 200 for the whole stock of ₹ 2000. You will have to spend the entire day of 2000 by choosing the option of CNC, if you share, then you will have to buy the share by giving all the money that is being made of that share.

And that head will be yours, when you can sell it as you wish, if you talk about the MIS in this way, then you will click on the MIS, then see the list of MIS multiplier that gives you leverage that gives you margin. But you can see that this list keeps updating every minute, there is also demand, according to which this every share has specific leverage, some share gives 3 times and some 5 times and so on. If you talk about Adani Enterprise in this way, then 5 times you are getting leverage.

So this change keeps happening, if the demand for the stock of Adani Enterprises is low, the stock leverage also keeps decreasing according to that. We see the current price of Adani Enterprises’ share. That the current price of Adani enterprise is running at 100.

If I took the stock in my account that is ₹ 10000, how much will I get from Adani Enterprise, that I have to click on the option calculator in front of the Adani Ent? When you click on the calculate option you can see in Zerodha Margin Calculator. There how much money you have to require on CNC and MIS. If you have 10000 in your Demat account then how many shares of enterprises will you get, then there you put 10000 in the cash available, in the stock price below you put as much rupee as the current price of that stock. The current price of Adani Ent is  ₹ 100. After that,  you will see there are 5000 showings in MIS and 1000 In CNC.

This means if you buy a stock in CNC, then you have to buy 1000 shares of  ₹ 10000, but if you choose the MIS option where you get 5x leverage. You will be able to buy more shares. Okay, the money you have is to buy more shares, but due to getting leverage, you can buy 5000 shares, which means that now the remaining money is left and it seems.

Now the money will become quite a huge amount from you, but the rest of the money is given to you by your broker, Zerodha, then till the time, you are getting leverage from the Zerodha margin calculator.  but in one condition, that is when you use investment, you have to pay less money in the form of margin and you are able to buy more shares by using leverage, but your loss in leverage is that the stock is sold within the intra-day, You have to sell your stock around 3:20 pm.

If you do not sell the stock till then, then the broker will automatically sell the stocks. Also, at any time during the day, Zerodha will feel that your stock will go down too much.  It can sell your stock if your leverage is to increase. Zerodha is a discount broker so it gives you a lot of margin for intraday trading. you got around 5000 stocks here, which gives 5 times leverage and in which you get a chance to do margin brother, if you want to buy any stock  then come here once By clicking on the option with Zerodha margin calculator, like I told you, whatever balance you have in your Demat account or in rupees you want to buy shares, you can calculate here Sector see below has written term condition that you left in CNC.

So What Is The Rule & Regulation In Zerodha?

If you buy in MIS, then I have already told you that if you use MIS, then by 3:20, your stock will be sold. There is also a new type of order that is called Bracket ordered and Cover order. Here you will get a little more leverage there because you use stop loss there. So where you can click on the constrained option to calculate the amount of Leverage in the bracket and cover order. See there that its calculator will open up that the equity in the comment will run in front of you and in the symbol option we will search the name of our stock.

Where we want to buy which stock  So, here, I do a search on Adani Enterprise, which is the stock of Adani Enterprises, click on Adani Enterprises, I have seen here, I have done Adani Enterprises, I have seen the price today ₹ 100, then put the stock price, how much quantity do I have to buy, I know I have to buy the show or I add it the day after that, what do I have to do brother, do sell brother .

Where we are just calculating that if we bought a stock for so many rupees and put a stop loss of that much rupees in that share like 100000. If we are buying shares, we are putting a stop loss of Rs 98, 99 and after that, you click on the answer option calculating here, then you will see here that the actual which is becoming value is becoming ₹ 10000 to ₹ 12000 i.e. Adani Enterprises The rupee of 10000 is worth Rs. 12000, but what you have to pay here is the margin amount which is ₹ 660. By giving just this, you can buy 100 shares.


In Zerodha Margin Calculator You can see the bracket and cover order here. If you use to buy shares, then you have to get 15 points 2x while in CNC you were getting a single. That is if you had to pay the entire ₹ 10000 if you used to buy shares in leverage, then if you use MIS, then you would get 5 *  leverage but if you do it between bracket and Cover order here and your stock to maintain. Correctly, you are dependent here, you get more leverage up to 15 times, that is, only ₹ 660 if you are in your Demat account, you can still share 10000  pay, but sir it will remain the same. Only in Zerodha, you get leverage and you get the benefit of margin brother. All broker your Demat account is with any broker. Your broker gives you leverage and you get margin brother’s money.

There is no special benefit in Zerodha Margin Calculator. if you believe that we are getting more leverage then we have the benefit, then it also has its own disadvantage, the benefit can be given to those who are experts of the stock market and do not have money or Those people can take advantage of leverage. If there is less money, but if you talk in the stock market as exams you are losing it, then if you have ₹ 10000 So in 10000 you can buy up to one lakh stock if your broker is not giving you ten time.

You bought a boy’s share in 10000 if, during intraday, that share went up five percent i.e. five percent profit, then 5% of 100000 i.e. ₹ 5000 for your whole family i.e. in other words, put 10000 and earned your 5000. But if the opposite is true, you do not have the experience, you must have made a mistake on it, then if we take the exam there, that in 10000 you have a lakh

Bought and if that share went to 5% minus a loss of 5%, that is, a loss of 5,000, you had gone straight to 10:00 and your 5000 would be sunk in a single day, then peacefully mixed Is that the broker is paying us to buy someone else It is called leverage and the money we are giving is called margin. Okay and the other thing is that it depends on which stock we are buying and how much stop loss is being applied, depending on how much margin will be received. Or how much leverage will we get?

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