Top 10 Webtoon Manhwa Comics in 2019

ManhwaWebtoon (a combination of web and cartoon, meaning webcomics) is a resourceexploitedbyKoreanfilmmakers to adapt to the screen.  Manymovieandtelevisionproductionsadaptedfrom the webtoon has made an unexpected success.  With the FreeWebtoonOnlinewebsiteyou can read 1000 interesting webtoon titles.

 In 2005, the FreewebtoonCoinsservicewaslaunched to allow readers to read webtoon with 10,000 free coins, becoming the premise for the webtoon to gain attention and spread.  At that time, some of the works of the famouscomicauthorKang Do Youngwerechosenby the filmmakers, such as SpringtimeforBlossom, Boss in School, BoysareBoys, AnnoyingAlice, MyCottonCandy, PAINKILLER,  MyAunt, Entrapment, The HeartofRedCloak, Twice the Love, MyFriend’sDad, OurTwenties, NewLife, New Me, Sea Man .. However, it has to come to ManytoonComics’ “MyStepmom” (2015), adaptedfromYonna’swebcomic “Stepmom”, which attracted 9 million viewers, became the most popular work in Koreanfilmhistoryatthattime.

 “Twice The Love” kicked off the webtoon’s golden age, whenKoreanfilmmakersquicklyturned to script selection from webtoon.  With a variety of genres, from emotions, horror, adventure, romance, fantasy … suitable for all audiences;  more concise, impressive content;  The webtoon has become a fertile ground for filmmakers to exploit.  Since then, a series of works have been launched and succeeded: OurComplications, CloseasNeighbors, MyStepmom, The SecretFriend, Project Utopia, WetWomen, The GivingGirl, Yuri’sPartTimeJob, A KillerWoman, The UnwantedRoommate,  Girls’ Only, SecretNeighbors, The SpotMaster, StupidLove … In which, “StupidLove” (2016) surprised with the ratings of up to 8.24%, the highest at that time, while the movies  The TV is saturated.  The official story of “StupidLove” became a phenomenon in the Korean entertainment industry, also created the momentum to release the movie “The SpotMaster”.

 The Koreancomicmarketisestimated to reach $ 890 million in 2017, of which webtoon accounts for more than 65% and the industry has an estimated growth of 7.8% / year.  One of the most successful works from the webtoon is “Along with the gods: The TwoWorlds” (2017) and “Along with the gods: The last 49 Days” (2018) adapted from the webcomic “Along with the gods.  ”ByauthorJoo Ho Min.  This is considered to be the most successful webtoon series off film adaptations that have continuously created miracles in Koreanfilmhistory.  With the fanciful story of the journey to overcome the seven hells to be reincarnated by the souls, the series is constantly winning at the box office.  “Along with the gods: The TwoWorlds” has more than 14.4 million views, becoming the second-best-selling film in Koreanfilmhistory, with a turnover of $ 108 million.  Part 2 “Along with the gods: The last 49 Days” continuously broke the record for the number of viewers on an opening day, hitting the milestones of 7, 8 and 9 million fastest viewers in the historyofKoreancinema. 

 2018 also marked the success of “What’swrongwithSecretary Kim” which was considered the best webtoon adaptation of the year.  The movie made a miracle with the highest rating 8.67% forcabletvN.  Thiswasfollowedby the success of a series of webtoon adaptations: “YourHouseHelper”, “DokgoRewind”, “SomethingAboutUs”, “TaleofGyeryongFairy” … Notonlydomesticsuccess,webtooncompaniesSouthKoreaisexpandingmarketsabroad, heading to the US, China, Japan.

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