Hosting Raja – Hosting Raja Cheap Hosting Review

Hosting Raja - Hosting Raja Cheap Hosting Review

Hosting Raja is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in India. Incepted in 2011, the company provides its customers with really affordable web hosting plans at the highest quality possible. Initially, Hosting Raja started its operation with two people. The first six months brought in a lot of challenges but in the last three years, Hosting Raja has grown phenomenally. HostingRaja is recognized as the fastest growing Hosting company in India at the HostingCon-2015 event held in Mumbai.

Hosting Raja Services

Other than web hosting services, the company also provides services for JAVA hosting, LINUX hosting, hosting (server space), domain name registration for new businesses, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Hosting Service, Cloud Hosting Support, Joomla hosting, amongst others.

Differentiating Factors

As reflected by the name, the company provides best web hosting services because of its dedicated team of engineers who are able to provide an uptime of 99.9 percent, which is extremely rare in the industry. Along with this, they provide 24/7 customer and technical support handled by a team of hosting experts. The company’s CPA (Cost per acquisition) is the lowest in this industry. Much in-house custom-build security software helps to provide better service to its customers compared to its competitors. HostingRaja maintains the best TTR (time to resolve the issue) among other competitors, this helps HostingRaja to become a popular choice among web design & web service providers.

Market Landscape

The “Word of Mouth” marketing provides the best ROI for any business. The company gets around 48 percent of new businesses using their existing clients or references. Educating a customer about the importance of having a website is crucial. Today’s customers like to have detailed information about the products that are been sold even for an offline business. This is the right time for Indian IT companies to make use of it. The company mainly targets Indian customers using online marketing.

Most of the customers are new to the websites & hosting business and so it takes some time for them to learn about hosting & website builder. Nowadays customers before buying either offline or online, like to study in-depth about the vendor, specification, product quality, and everything detail. And with these growing detailing, Hosting Raja keeps up with the customer expectations and queries.

Challenges and Ways of Addressing Them

Competition among other vendors is the major challenge and the company strives to overcome this problem by providing quality service. In the hosting industry, providing good service is more important than acquiring many customers. The current sect of internet companies is seen competing for one other into acquiring new customers, instead one should be focusing on satisfying their existing customers.

Future Plans

The company plans to become the #2 hosting company in India in terms of revenue and customer acquisition by 2016. As there is a great scope for Indian cloud hosting providers among developed, they are looking for funding to become a major player in the field of private and public cloud technologies. As most of the Indian customers are new to the website and hosting business, it does take some time for them to learn.

Quick Facts: About Hosting Raja

Year of founding:                       End of 2011
Funding information   Self-funded
Founding members:                  Dhanasekar Mani   Ajith Kumar  
Office locations:                         2nd Floor, Saraswathamma Complex, TC Palya   Main Road, Ramamurthi Nagar, Bangalore 560016.  
Company strength                       35
Official Website  

Hosting Raja Pricing, Hosting Plans

Hosting Raja - Hosting Raja Cheap Hosting Review

Hosting Raja provides a great opportunity for a managed Kubernetes platform in India. This works very well for small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford to spend much money to maintain an infrastructure team, which is a monthly recurring expense. This monthly recurring expenditure greatly affects the profitability of any SASS based business. You can get excellent managed support for Kubernetes from HostingRaja for 20% of the cost of the in-house Kubernetes support team.

HostingRaja Kubernetes clusters are fully managed with highly secure servers. Providing top of the line features, some of which are outlined below.

1. Automatically scaling up and down of your application deployment (REM, CPU, disk space, etc.) as per your requirements.

2. Free migration and setup, all you have to do are upload your source code and database and the rest is taken care of by HostingRaja.

3. Hybrid networking system that enables rapid application development by having an address reserved for your cluster and allowing your cluster to synchronize with a private network.

4. Cost Optimization You pay 40% less and better technology such as Autoscale and High Availability by default makes your website/application run on a 3DB cluster and 3HA web servers, such as Apache / Nginx.

Hostingraja offers a wide range of schemes. Quickly build deployment and scale standards in the public cloud. A customized plan that gives you professionally managed enterprise-class Kubernetes. A flexible scheme that gives you the Kubernetes platform on your infrastructure.

If you are planning to install your Kubernetes platform, Hosting raja provides an easy to use user interface and you can scale your application with just one click. You can scale up to 40 pods serving your website / mobile application/web application which serves up to 1 million (1 million) page views a day which is more than enough for any high traffic websites.

In addition, they have got an excellent support team that will help resolve issues at a time when consumers are in trouble. Hostingraja has a well qualified technical staff and they provide amazing technical support in all regional languages ​​round the clock ie 24/7 live chat, phone, email, and ticketing system.

A three-month free trial on all Hosting Raja Kubernetes hosting plans is like a honeymoon. If you are looking for high availability and scalable solutions then the HostingRaja Kubernetes platform is the best option.


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