Dams Cloud – How To Acess Dams Cloud Storage

Dams Cloud storage is the only surefire way to avoid losing your important files. Still, saving your computer files to a hard drive? If it’s time to bring your file storage methods into the modern era, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. That’s because we’ve rounded up our favorite cloud service deals that you can get today. Dams cloud is the latest innovation and let’s start how to access the cloud service.

Dams Cloud - How To Acess Dams Cloud Storage
Dams Cloud – How To Acess Dams Cloud Storage

How to access Dams Cloud

If you have to learn and create an account on Dams Cloud then First, go to cloudcampus.damsdelhi.com and press the Enter key then you have to mention your username and password username is your roll number the student will provide the roll number on the time of registration now you can click the button login and proceed the page.

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Now you can find out your profile click the option my profile where a student can find out all details of batches course and session every detail student can find in there my profile ID up there is the option worksheet flashcards and video. If you want to access Dams Cloud then follow these steps —

  • First, go for option worksheet on worksheet Students will find faculty updates extra notes on right-hand side tails option view details, just go with that option-click the view detail and you can find out faculty updates there.  By the opting, that option you can find out there is the option for do you want to open the file to click the option yes and go through with that faculty update.
  • Second option flashcards interest flashcards student will find out visual images any image if you want to search out just click that option and the page will open.
  •  The third option there is a video in this videos student will find paper discussion mock papers grand test paper now you can see select category it’s their option now you can select a category and secondary there is the option for select subcategories.
Dams Cloud - How To Acess Dams Cloud Storage

You can option-click the option grande test the paper discussion is in front of you and you can start the video now he can go back and check out your services student services where you can find out your fees details circular inventories and notification if you want to check out how many how much fees you have given to then you can check out your fees fee details everything mentioned there.

Now go back for the option and you can search out your page their dams having their own App Store now a student can download Dams Cloud apps in Android and iOS both.

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