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After the release in theater, the Piracy website Tamilrockers leaked the movie “Chhapaak”. This piracy website has uploaded Bollywood’s tragedy, Romance film “Chhapaak” on its website within a minute. The film features Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey, Madhurjeet Sarghi and Devas Dixit in the lead roles.

Even after sending so many warnings and court orders to Tamilrockers, but it has not stopped their work. simultaneously, even before this Madras High Court has debarred this site so many times. But every time, this pirated website shifts its domain to a new name extension.

Chhapaak Deepika Padukone  Full Movie Download Leaked Online by TamilRockers

Chhapaak Full Movie Download Leaked Online by TamilRockers










Chhapaak Full Movie Download Leaked Online in Full HD Quality

What does Chhapaak mean? It’s the phonetic sound of a splash. It’s what you hear when acid hits the skin. The recipient is routinely a woman and an attacker is almost always a man who seeks revenge by scarring. The acid, he hopes, will disfigure his victim’s face and consequently her life.

It’s a crime calculated to shatter a woman physically and mentally. Society decrees that beauty is a superpower – especially for women. With acid, the perpetrator hopes to show his target who is boss. But Laxmi Agarwal, who was attacked by a stalker when she was only 15, refused to follow the script. Instead, she filed a PIL and fought legal battles for years.

Eventually, the Supreme Court passed an order restricting and regulating the sale of acid in India. Laxmi refers to herself as a survivor, not a victim. This remarkable story is the inspiration for Chhapaak, in which Deepika Padukone acting Malti, a middle-class Delhi girl whose pleasantly ordinary life is wrecked by an acid attack.

The film opens seven years after she’s filed the PIL. As the case moves forward sluggishly, Malti struggles to find a job. But prospective employers don’t know how to work around her reconstructed face. The owner of a beauty parlor rejects her with – Beauty parlor main beauty na ho toh problem hoti hai.

Director Meghna Gulzar presents the anguish of this in a low-key way. There is minimal drama. This is Malti’s life. But she doesn’t crumble. Malti soldiers on, stoically and sometimes, even with a smile. Chhapaak’s biggest achievement is that Deepika becomes Malti. Her pledge and conviction are complete.

At no point do we feel that this is a superstar celebrated for her beauty, purposefully un-beautifying herself. Deepika infuses Malti with quiet heroism. Her strength doesn’t require screaming. The prosthetics by Clover Wootton, which alter as Malti undergoes seven surgeries, feel authentic.

Right after the attack, the disfiguration is extreme but Meghna doesn’t linger on the horror. Instead, we get an aching scene in which Malti’s mother wordlessly bathes her burnt daughter. The visual reminded me of American photo-journalist W. Eugene Smith’s iconic photograph Tomoko Uemura in her Bath in which a Japanese mother lovingly bathes her daughter who suffers from Minamata disease, a type of mercury poisoning.

The gentleness in the frame underlines the tragedy. Vikrant Massey is also lovely as Malti’s grumpy boss Amol. Amol’s angry activism is tempered by Malti’s ability to find joy in the world. In one of the film’s best scenes, she reminds him that the acid was thrown on her, not him.Their love story is tender and delightfully cheeky. Madhurjeet Sarghi exudes understated strength as Malti’s lawyer Archana.

Chhapaak  Movie Review

But despite the strong performances, the film doesn’t feel urgent or alive enough. Who was Malti before the attack? What were her dreams? What did she enjoy? We have little sense of this until much later in the film. Which makes it difficult to emotionally invest in her in the way that this story requires.

Chhapaak is powered by good intentions and progressive messaging but the film is undermined by a flawed screenplay. Written by Meghna and Atika Chohan, the narrative jumps back and forth in time. The action largely moves between Malti’s journey to recovery, her job at an NGO and her battles in court.

At the same time, this film has done the business of about 37 crores in its first day’s release. After the leak of this film, now people are watching and downloading it on their mobiles with the help of the Tamilrockers site. Some popular films such as Good Newz, Sab Kushal Mangal, Shimla Mirchi, Mardaani 2, Kabir Singh, Tanhaji, etc. have also become popular.

Previously Tamilrockers prepared many other movies for their victims. Chhapaak full movie download link also available in this website. all at once, it has emerged as a large prickle in the path of all Movie Producers. altogether, we want to stay away from all these Pirated Websites and download the movie from Legal Movies Sites.


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Its goal is not at any time and in any way to offer support to piracy and wicked acts. Please stay away from this type of website and prefer the right way to download the movie.

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